Frequently Asked Questions (aka. is a service that you can host your images, compressed archives and much more for free! is only available for those fancy "custom server supported" image uploaders such as ShareX (Windows only), KShare (Linux) and MagicCap (Linux and MacOS). All of these applications basically do a simple HTTP request to our server and send the image data to it (with your key and username). Then our system process the coming data and automatically creates your file on our server and returns you the URL of it. These images are hosted a folder under your name. Anyone who have access to your username and key can upload anything to your folder. You have to take your own security moves for that. We are not responsible for any frauds, wrong uploads (even though you can delete images later) and other kind of stuff about "misuse". was created on Jan 5, 2019 by Tresmos and EGGSY. offers a free-forever hosting for your files on our server with any name you want. You just have to sign-up with a name that you want to use as (x is your username). Yes, it is that easy. If you liked it, go sign-up now for free! You can have subdomains as much as you desire, but please, don't spam or abuse it ;)

Yes, maximum allowed file size is 50 MB. Allowed file types are :
png, jpg, gif, mp4, mp3, wav, webm, txt, md, zip, rar, js, css, json and html.

Every user account have their unique keys to make sure that no one but you can upload to your folder. It is cool right? So, you'll get yours when you create an account and you'll see it on dashboard page.

Well, since there's no limit for creating accounts, you can just delete your current account from Logout > Delete Account button on dashboard page and create a new user with your new username. If you have any files on your "wrong" account, you can just contact with us to move your files from your old account to new account. Just make sure don't delete your account before moving. For the password situation, no. You can use the sameway to change your password. Since there are no email confirmation or any kind of that stuff, we are not thinking of making a change password feature. Even if your password is wrong, who cares, right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?

If you had tons of files hosted on your account and you forgot your password, don't worry. You can just contact with us to move your folders to a different user (or you can delete your current account, then create it again while we move your files to your new account with the same name).

You don't really have to trust us. We don't want to host "sensitive" files on our host too. But if you want to keep it them on your account, it's fine for us and all responsibility is yours.

This project is created for having fun between us and our friends, like you; so, we are pretty sure no one is going to upload their whole NSFW content to here. People and we usually upload stuff like screenshots, temporary and useless files. And believe me, you don't need our word to trust us to host them. We promise we won't use any of them.

Basically, usernames? Yes. Files? Yeah, but promise we won't and password? Absolutely no.

We have access to see, edit and modify all of our users usernames on our database, it is easier to keep track of everything and process your requests. We won't touch any of your accounts without your permission but we might delete some of accounts whit "shitty" name (xxxxx, asdasd, wTftHiSsUckS) to keep our host longer for all of you.

Note that all of your passwords are hashed by bcrypt when you signup to our service. We are not able to see any of your passwords or edit them. That's why we require deletion of account if you want to change your password. We are not able to edit your passwords for real.

Yes. You can go to dashboard page and you'll see a "Download Data" button. Click on it, type your email and password, wait a couple minutes and boom. You've got an email with the download link. Don't forget to check your spam folder if you can't find it.

You can only request backup of your files once a day.
If you didn't get an email from us after 30 minutes, let us know.

Yes, you can delete any of your files from our server by logging in to your account and visiting the dashboard page. You might have to scroll down a bit to see the "Gallery" button in there. It's not only a gallery feature, it shows any of your files uploaded to your folder. Just find the file that you want to delete, and click on the little X (cross) icon right next to its name. It'll be deleted. Don't forget there is no turning back doing this, backup any of your files before deletion if you are going to need them later.

Follow these steps only if you're on Windows since ShareX only supports Windows. Setting up the ShareX config for is really easy, don't worry. You will probably need 4 clicks to make it work.

Setting up with a SXCU file:

This is the easiest way to setup for ShareX. Just follow these steps and download your ShareX Custom Uploader file. Trust me, it's not a virus.

  1. Login to your account and go to dashboard.

  2. Click on to the "Download" text and choose where to download.

  3. Double click on the downloaded file and select "Yes".

  4. Make sure you have selected "Custom uploader" as image uploader.

You're done! Try capturing something, customize the ShareX as you wish (like upload image right after you capture it).

Setting up manually with the config:

Yeah, this one is a bit trickier than the other one. Use this only when SXCU file doesn't work out for you!

  1. Login to your account and go to dashboard.

  2. Click on the "ShareX Config" area to copy the content of it.

  3. Go to your ShareX and follow these steps:

  4. Make sure you have selected "Custom uploader" as image uploader.

You're done! Try capturing something, customize the ShareX as you wish (like upload image right after you capture it).

This is for non-Windows users. Even though MagicCap has a SXCU support, it seems like for some reason, our config files doesn't work for MagicCap, you can still give it a try. MagicCap works with both Linux and MacOS system and it's not available for Windows. Use ShareX if you're a Windows user, the best.

  1. Go to MagicCap's uploader selection screen.

  2. Click on "Custom" and fill the blanks with the datas you see on your dashboard.

And that must be all (we didn't really have the chance to test this but it works for our friend!). You can use MagicCap with now!

KShare is a solution to send HTTP requests with image data from Linux to websites. Which we don't really recommend it since there's a better app for Linux and MacOS. We strongly recommend using MagicCap if you're a Linux or Mac user.

  1. Login to your account, go to dashboard page.
  2. Select "KShare" from the select box written "ShareX" on it on dashboard.
  3. Click on to that blue download text.

  4. Save it to your ~/.config/KShare/uploaders directory.

  5. Open your KShare app and click on "Settings".

  6. Choose your username and start uploading to from KShare!

Every question is welcome! If you want to suggest something, you can contact with Tresmos or EGGSY from Discord. You can find Tresmos on Twitter and EGGSY on Twitter. We'll just pass some information here.

This page may be updated without any announcement.